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For a Christian presence inserted as leaven in the world,
with the evangelical discretion recommended by Jesus,
we want to be “living reasons of credibility” within the society
with no external forms,
but living side by side with our contemporaries,
“similar to them in everything, in dress as in means of life and toil of work.

"Proximity and friendship that characterize our mission
constitute our contribution to the building up of a beautiful humanity pleasing to God,
even if these don’t make the news.


Today more than ever, between opposing fundamentalism or in the indifference that makes transmission of values problematic, the charism entrusted to us since the foundation of our religious family gives priority to the state school (from primary to university level) where different generations do meet and build the future of society.

In response to a need of the Church of her times, Luigia Tincani founded in Rome the Istituto Universitario di Magistero ‘Maria S.S. Assunta’, today Libera Università (L.U.M.S.A.), founded on  Catholic tradition yet open to students of all faiths and cultures, with its chair in Rome, Palermo and Taranto.

Our educational task is moreover articulated in more different ways as well:

Cultural Centers

Giving heed to the complexity of cultural pluralism of our days, we collaborate with cultural institutions and initiatives elsewhere.
Our centers where we currently work in synergy with experts towards a service for research and dissemination of knowledge, are the International Centre of Catherinian Studies (Rome) and Carlo Tincani Institute (Bologna).

Students’ Hostels

In various places where we are, our hostels offer a space for students to live together at the transition moment from family life to responsible tasks in society.
Our university residences are currently in Rome (University Centre Regina Mundi), in Bologna, in Krakow and in Lublin (Poland), in Karachi (Pakistan), in Kochi and Bangalore (India).
In Multan, Sahiwal and Karachi (Pakistan) our hostels offer facility to attend school even for girls from remote, isolated villages.

Other ventures

The educational task in different social and cultural environments offers the School Missionaries the most varied possibilities of commitment corresponding to competence and initiative of each one: for example, the cultural support for young prisoners,  recovery of children drop-out and their integration in the school system.

In some Countries, the formation and empowerment of women through instruction and professional training, constitute a necessary contribution valid today more than ever, for a future of peace and reconciliation in highly conflicting societies.

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