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Sunday, 21 April 2019 12:40

Easter, “youth for the old world”

Rome experienced its Friday for Future on the day which we, christians, call the Good Friday. It seemed to me a good key to understand this day not in mourn, but as it is presented in the Catolic Liturgy, which is with the thought of redemption. A festive, but at the same time a serious provocation done by Greta Thumberg and her teenage friends confirms again that we need new generations to push us to change things. There will always be polemics, but apart from them, educators, forever optimists, work all the time so this grain could grow and become nutritious, and so the bad seeds could not drown them down with discouragement.

The hippies of ’68 and the generations of “Death Poets”, students, writing poems on the walls of universities, believed that this would be a sign of hope against terrorism and any other kinds of violence. This generation of social activists can nowadays help the young to take actions that will help them make good life choices concerning their life as such and their professions, in a real innovative way. This is the challenge that appears with the drammatic appeals of scientists, as well as with the silence of potents of the world.

On the Good Friday Christ started the the Easter Mystery with his blood, as the Liturgy recalls it. As the mankind does its Way of Cross, and continues to register more and more falls, sufferings and sins, we need to remember, that Jesus has already included them in His Passion. He experimented all the horror of death. He showed us how muchi t is against God’s project of life. None of the espressions of the evil shoud take from us the faith in the omnipotence of God, the One that is operating even now. God creates new things every day, in every generation. “See, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”(Is 43:19).

So, it is also true for our times, that “Jesus is risen, and he wants to make us sharers in the new life of the resurrection. He is the true youthfulness of a world grown old, the youthfulness of a universe waiting “in travail” (Rom 8:22) to be clothed with his light and to live his life.” (post-synodal Esort.. Christus vivit, n. 32). The Pope does not write it to the young only, but he warns, that their not ready innovative cannot be efficent without an intergenerational sinergy: “i vostri anziani faranno sogni, i vostri giovani avranno visioni.” (Gl 3:1).

Happy Easter to all!
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