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Monday, 07 May 2018 00:00

Encounters - Here's the man

M. was busy filling the application form for obtaining the necessary things for personal hygiene and dress, distributed weekly to the prisoners by a Voluntary Association of Prison ministry where I too render my service.

Looking with the clinical eye of a retired teacher it came spontaneously to me to watch him writing and I observed:
«What a beautiful writing!  Off this present world of yours, what is your profession?».

«Robber… I have always been a robber».

Thinking of one of Toto's films, I commented with a smile:
«What a lovely profession!... Compliments!»

A certain empathy was created among us. He said: «Look at my hands… these cannot be but hands of a robber!». And then snapped: «Well, Madam, I need to work... I have three children already and the fourth one is expected».

Yes… the apparent shell of the role (of a detained robber) is ruptured  and there came forth the man, my brother.

And I asked him: «Well, you will not teach your children to rob, right?».

Roused by the question he retorted: «Never! children should never be used! It’s my duty to work… You know, when it comes to an older person, I go back… the elderly ones are not to be touched!»

Then I said jokingly: «That means I don’t have to worry, right?»

«Why would you? I should just raise a monument to you, for all the good that you do for us! May the Lord reward you!»
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