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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 18:15

With best wishes

Fra Angelico, Noli me tangere (fragment) Fra Angelico, Noli me tangere (fragment)
Wishes… Who invented them? Ancient Romans? Egyptians? And why do we give them in particular days like birthdays, different feasts? It could be an interesting topic to discuss, but maybe let us leave it for another time.

Nowadays to send wishes we use postcards. They do not have a lot of space, therefore we do not need to force ourselves intellectually to write a long letter. Two sentences will do the work. In certain moment in time there was this danger that postcards would disappear, because everybody started sending emails. At first it was possible to send only text, but with the development of technology people started sending photos as well. And now we have a big come back of postcards containing more or less beautiful photos and already written text. All you need to do is to sign and then click. It’s done.

These days we will have a lot of postcards around, giving best wishes for… for what? Easter? Or wishing just Happy Feast? Sometimes maybe even all the best for the beginning of spring? Well, each occasion is good, everyone can celebrate whatever they want, share their joy with family and friends as they like it. Everyone can choose a photo which they like and which suits the best, or maybe the one that comes as the first one in the browser. Somebody will send a postcard with a chick, somebody else will choose the one with Easter eggs or a bunny. Or maybe another one will find the one with a Man in a white cloth, with light coming out of space (a tomb? a hidden place?).

Anybody can send whathever they want, whatever they like or their addressee likes. However, if this Feast is about the Resurrection of Jesus, maybe we could think a little bit more about Him? After all, it is His Feast, not a feast of a bunny or colourful eggs, with all the respect for them.
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