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Sunday, 28 April 2019 00:56

29 April: St. Catherine of Siena, for justice and peace

The Eternal Father with Saints, by Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as Sodoma (first half of 16th century), Siena (Italy), St Dominic Basilica The Eternal Father with Saints, by Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as Sodoma (first half of 16th century), Siena (Italy), St Dominic Basilica
Catherine of Siena is the Saint who passed on Luigia Tincani her Dominican charism entrusted to us, the School Missionaries.  Moreover, the message of St. Catherine is transversally addressed to the several historical circumstances, because as Doctor of the Church she accompanies our move with times.

What is then today her most urgent solicitation for the season in which we live in?  Obviously she has derived it from the intuition which was the well-spring for all her spiritual experience: knowing herself in the light of God she came out from the closed environment of a 14th century woman, in travelling all over the world of that time, to reach out people and problems in which God would have been present through her.

But in her multiform religious and civil activities we may get today a teaching so much necessary at our time: to step out of ourselves and of a selfcentered feeling; that prevents to be authentic in the relationship with God and with neighbour, free from any sectarian attitude, which Catherine denounces as pitfall for families and for civil society, for the Italian Communes and for the European States of her time.

“Our Dominican tradition - Bruno Cadoré, Master of the Order of Preachers, writes – is rich in personalities who in various ways have carried the evangelical message of peace and justice in their apostolate. It suffices to mention here the names of Bartolomé de las Casas, Jean-Joseph Lataste, Giorgio La Pira, Vincent McNabb, Louis-Joseph Lebret, Laure Sabès, Patrik Kužela, Aurelius Arkenau, Mikuláš Lexmann, Dominique Pire, Michał Czartoryski, Hijacint Bošković, Anna Abrikosova and many others. 

During her short life, Catherine of Siena also tried to bring a message of peace, both within the Church and in society. It is therefore no surprise that she was chosen as one of the co-patrons of Europe, a continent whose history is marked by so many tears and conflicts between peoples”. 
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