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Monday, 08 June 2020 15:22

School Missionaries at Bhuvanapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India

In the month of May 2019, we started our apostolate in a new place called Bhuvanapalli. It is located in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. It comes under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Eluru. It is a beautiful green place surrounded by paddy fields and fish ponds. In our campus we have the Parish church, the parochial  house,a school and a small convent. There are a very few Catholic families nearby but there are families belonging to various Christian denominations. The parish has 14 mission centres in the villages.

Three of us are rendering our service as teachers in the Parish school of the diocese “Infant Jesus English Medium High School ,Bhuvanapalli.” We have  430 children from K.G (kindergarten) to class 10.The children come from far away villages and from poor families.Most of their parents are daily wage earners and illiterates. As a result they don’t get a conducive learning environment and encouragement from their parents. There is a greater need to visit the families of our students in the villages and give them guidance and encouragement to come to school regularly.

As the whole the world is undergoing the effect of Corona virus in one way or the other, Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has divided the areas of the entire state in to 3 zones based on the number of cases of the covid-19 in order to combat the pandemic in a better way. For this purpose he has deployed volunteers, and health workers to identify the cases and bring to the notice of the health department. The three zones are Red, yellow and green. In Red zones, the positive cases of Covid-19 are more in number. Here the strict rules of the lock down are being followed. In the yellow zones where there are a few positive cases of Covid-19, care is being taken to curb the widespread of the pandemic. And the Green zone is free from corona. But here too we follow the rules of the lock down. We are in the green zone.

Due to the lock down the schools remain closed. We are uncertain as to when the schools will be reopened. As most of our students are from remote villages they don’t have access to proper network facilities and digital gadgets for online classes. So it is the need of the hour for us to find ways and means to guide our students academically. To meet this end we created whatsapp group for each class to send work sheets and to indicate the material to be studied on daily basis.

We are trying to send the work for all.  Each classteacher is responsible to send the worksheet in whatsapp. As most of our students are from remote villages and they don’thave access to proper network facilities and digital gadgets for online classes, we are  not able to help them. When we reopen the school we have to find ways to help them.  But we are also trying to  ask the children from nearby villages  who are receiving the work to share what they have received. We send them the materials from the work book.We can only write, study chapter.. so and so..and we give some project work , maps etc. they do it and send it to us. Some are doing well.We have heard that we will not have any holidays that  we used to get for Hindu fastivals and also for Christmas. So, we will be able complete the lessons.The teachers are doing their best. We remind them everyday to do the needful. There is a great collaboration among teachers.We also help the children of our vicinity to learn spoken English.


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