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Thursday, 11 June 2020 08:47

The courage to know how to orient

Positioning and directing has always been the art. Human action evolves through choices, corrections, evaluations, all complex operations governed by propensities - knowledge - perceptions - tastes - relationships - environmental conditioning - occasional influences. The variables are many and all related to the here and now.In this perspective, the university orientation that has a temporary location linked to the transition from adolescence to adult life takes on a very particular and decisive value.

All universities work to assist and accompany this delicate and strategic phase not only for the individual student but also for the development of the country. On what to focus our attention beyond the swirling development, the ongoing transformations and the dazzle of the labor market? How to avoid disappointments, dispersions and the syndrome of having missed everything?

It seems to us indispensable to indicate that before the professional plan (to act) there is that of self-awareness (to be) which offers the self the opportunity to "see oneself" and therefore to project oneself into the profession glimpsed. It is a compass that we can call in many ways: passion motivation determination autonomy creativity ... listening to oneself.If orientation leads to self-orientation, it moves and involves all these beautiful inner energies up to guaranteeing the choice of the course of studies that will encourage harmonious growth and therefore that solid and agile preparation that the job market requires today. Studying well and passionately makes you "entrepreneurs of yourself".

The tools available are many: orientation days at universities, browsing the sites, gathering information, comparing with people in the sector, listening and dialogue with expert adults who can act as a mirror. A structured orientation path is as profitable as a vaccine, immunizes and prepares to proceed without fear of the inevitable difficulties and ever new challenges that life holds for us, aware that man's art has always been to test himself in build with science and wisdom. And the pandemic reminds it to us.


The spontaneous testimony of a student who lived this path in the LUMSA University where I work in the Orientation Area:
“I am Alessandro, student of the fifth year of Law.I had the privilege of being followed by the Orientation Office from the first year.I have been guided with wisdom and a lot of patience; in these five years it has been essential to have the opportunity to be listened to and to receive valuable advice. I had the experience of being welcomed and concretely accompanied in various choices of my training process, which now allow me to be aware of the responsibilities that I will have to assume as a man and as a citizenThanks to this path, I was able to fully live all my university life.Orienting us students is really demanding, as it is a craft that requires charity and listening skills; and that's why I recommend to all my colleagues and friends to go to the Office.I am truly grateful for all the time dedicated to me, and I thank Lumsa for always putting the good of the students at the center."
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