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Tuesday, 05 June 2018 18:24

Distance Adoption

We are confronted by enormous inequalities that cannot be bridged even by the present technological advancement and result from the absence or want of responsibility in guarding and utilizing properly the resources of planet and a political maturation for national and international development programmes.

In this situation, an individual feels the responsibility to contribute from the limited possibility, within the logic of " five loaves of bread and two fish" offered to Jesus by a little boy, allowing him to feed the crowd around him (Jn.6:9).

A useful collaboration which is possible for all, is to start from the essential: that is to cater to the education of new generations in places where youth enjoys a proportional majority yet is devoid of proper formation which would enable them to have a positive influence in the society they belong to.

- In collaboration with the School Missionaries serving in Pakistan and India we can support poor families and local Churches through distance adoptions by providing food, clothing and schooling to the needy children and teenagers (especially Christians but Hindus and Muslims also) who would otherwise are deprived of such facilities. In fact by attending Catholic schools they could learn to grow in mutual respect and in their commitment to improve the society in which they live and thus to build a better world. 
At a rate of 200,00 Euros per year we can assure the needed help to one of these children and follow up their growth also by establishing cordial relationship with them and their family members.

- Furthermore, in Pakistan there are families reduced to slavery even for petty debts contracted with owners of brick kilns; they impose interests of usury to exploit them and abuse them in every way possible. As a result children are denied education depriving them of a bright future.
However there are many possibilities for extending a helping hand: you may redeem these families or children by paying off their debts; or you may promote their social redemption by offering new job opportunities to parents and education facilities for children.

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About Us

Union “St. Catherine of Siena” of School Missionaries is a Dominican Religious Congregation.
We are called to accompany our contemporaries along their path with study and prayer and to seek along with them Gospel’s answers to the questions of our complex, multicultural society.
We want to live therefore coherently a Christianity of frontiers and be yeast and salt of the least visibility yet cause to leaven and give flavor.