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I never thought of a spirituality other the unique one of the Gospel.
If you want to express it in our specific call to follow Christ,
I tell you that ours is the spirituality of Incarnation.
(Luigia Tincani, 1947)

Angelico visitazione da predella annunciazioe di cortonaTo us is entrusted a Dominican spirituality
focused on the great truths of faith,
nourished by the Eucharist and liturgical prayer
authenticated by personal prayer and the participation in the life of the Church.
The contact with the Son of God made man
makes us sharers of the Father's desire:
in his project
we are all called to communion with Him
in the Spirit.
 Spirituality, therefore, is not an abstract idea
 nor a set of practices divorced from reality,
 it is a style of sharing life
 with Jesus and with the brethren.
spiritualita3Attention to God's will
for the good of man and of creation
listens and show interest to every expression of human soul and its story:
therefore, study of sacred and human sciences constitutes a precious tool for us
to seek God's ways and to accompany our contemporaries in their journey.
The apostolic passion that St. Catherine drew from the heart of Christ
urges us to a religious respect for every human creature
and to work responsibly for the common good.

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